COVID-19 Safety & Logistics

Your safety is our #1 priority

Please follow the below tips and guidelines to ensure a safe and fun day for all participating in ESR Long Island. Empire State Ride Long Island will adhere to all local and state precautions.  Helmets are required.

Empire State Ride Long Island will adhere to all local and state precautions.

In following the most current NYS guidelines, helmets and masks will be required. Masks must be worn at all times that you are not on your bike, as well as maintaining a safe distance while riding. We plan to implement several safety measures at our rest stops that will ensure the health and safety of our riders, volunteers and staff. 

Riding Safe General Tips

Obey Traffic Signals

Devices and signs included.


Use both verbal and physical commands when you turn, slow, or stop.

No headphones

Your ears need to be open so you can remain attentive to your surroundings.


Remember to drink water before you get thirsty and to bring water with you during the ride. Water will also be provided at each rest stop.

Bring Your Phone

A fully charged phone is an important safety tool, so please ensure you have it secured to you during the ride.

No Infants

New York State prohibits taking a child under 12 months on a bicycle ride. Helmets are not available for infants and they cannot be safely secured in a bicycle child seat, trailer, sidecar or any other carriers.

Give yourself space

Put plenty of space between you and the rider in front of you, in case of emergency braking, or bike malfunction.

Riding in Groups

When riding in groups, ride no more than two abreast and single file on narrow roads. Traveling in groups of more than two riders side by side makes it difficult for cars and other riders to pass safely.

Passing Other Riders

When riding your bike, always ride to the right unless you are passing a slower cyclist. If you wish to pass them on the left, call out, “on your left!” and use your bell as your approach and pass.

Need smart cycling tips?

If you are not that familiar with common situations that may arise when riding a bicycle on public roads, we can help! Check out these videos on everything from traffic laws to shifting gears that will keep you safe and knowledgeable.

Prepare yourself for a successful ride by checking:

Air pressure

Squeeze your tires to make sure they are not in need of air.


Your chain should be lubricated and not rusty or dry.


Make sure your breaks are on tight enough and not squeaking because they are too tight.

our partners

We encourage you to support our local partners! Get your bike inspected for safety or shop at partners near you.